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The looks, fonts and colours, images and filters, make up for a huge part of your brand. But it is content that makes people take action. While your Brand Image ensures that you are someone well defined and gives a hint about who you are, the content that you use is what creates a long lasting connection with your audience.


You tell your story through your content; and stories are what touch us the most.  As a content creator, I produce high quality visual and written content for brands to use in social media ond generally anywhere in the online & offline. The most important thing here is to know exactly who your audience is, so that you can cater to their needs and interests with your content. The content we are talking about can take many forms, including social media posts, videos, e-books, photos, infographics, Facebook covers, website content, and much more.

Let's see what you need


I offer photo-video services with availability to travel at specific locations. I produce and edit pictures and videos to be used for the branding of your project both in the online and offline. I mostly work with the Adobe Creative suit (Photoshop, Lightroom, Premiere, etc.).


I specialise in creating content for social media purposes such as: 


Pictures for your social media pages

Image curation from stock image websites

Mini videos for stories / posts

Imagery and videos for Ads

Facebook cover videos

Marketing clip

IGTV videos


Graphic design

Branded content helps to bring credibility to your project. With a well established image that you want to portray, all the designs that represent you must follow the company’s brand identity guidelines.. This ensures that your brand stays coherent and strong. In graphic design, we ensure that we stay within  the brand’s identity, by using the company fonts, colors, style and other particularities to which we add a creative and strategic touch. 


As a graphic designer specialised in social media content, I design a lot of:


E-books/ Brochures/ Flyers/ Pitch decks

Social media infographics

Facebook covers

Graphics for Ads

Online banners

Logo design

Branded content 

Written content

The content that you provide takes you audience on a journey. The message that you want to deliver must have a proper choice of style, tone of voice , as well as to be creative and catered to the needs of your readers. Besides, depending on the type of text that is needed, there are tons of aspects that Content Writers have in mind. For example, while we write to impress our readers first, we're also writing so impress the search engines for SEO purposes.


The writing I most

​Extensive research

Social Media Descriptions

Newsletter content

Website content

Blog articles

Texts for Ads

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Some of my pictures

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