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Customise your Facebook News Feed to filter out unwanted content

Updated: Nov 10, 2019

There is an infinite amount of content pretty much bombarding us every day.

I use the word bombarding because it's just coming to us, we don't really ask for any of it.

But shouldn't we pay more attention to it and start asking for what we want to see?

Since we spend so much time on our social networks, should we not work on making that time more worthy to us? See my article about why I think customising our content intake can be so beneficial.

Depending on what you are looking for in your scrolling time, you can adjust your preferences and use some small tips and tricks to curate the content that is showing up in your feed.

Let's see how we can customise our Facebook news feed settings to filter out unwanted content.

1. Get rid of useless content from your Facebook friends, without unfriending them

We all have people in out Facebook friends list that post content that is just not interesting to us. Content that is simply not inspiring us in any way, not bringing us any value, and frankly, content that is annoying us. What can we do to stop seeing their posts in our Facebook news feed?

We can either Unfollow them and stop seeing their content until we follow them back, or we can Snooze them for 30 days.

Unfollowing them does not mean we Unfriend them. They will continue being in our friends list and they will not know we have Snoozed or Unfollowed them.

How to do this? Well, you probably know them by now but rarely use them. They are the 3 dots (...) found at the upper left side of any post on our news feed or on our walls. You click them and you have the two options available. Which one are you going for?

2. Stop seeing ads that do not interest you

Ok, so ads are the content that we cannot fully control.

They will show up in our news feed whenever a business decides to target our interests, our location, our online behaviour and so on.

But there is something we can do about it. Whenever we see an ad that is just irrelevant for us, we can click on the same 3 dots in the upper right side of the ad, and block it for showing up again by clicking on "Hide ad".

3. Prioritise the content that you like most

You have some friends and pages that always post good content?

When you select a person or page to see first, their posts will appear at the top of your news feed. You can select a maximum of 30 people or pages to see first. They won't know you selected them.

To do so, you need to go to your news feed preferences by clicking the down pointing arrow in the upper right side of your Facebook page, near the Notification button. From there, you click on Prioritise who to see first and you select the accounts that you want to keep up with. You click done and you are all set. Never miss any updates that you are interested in.

4. Use Facebook friends list to be able to see content from a specific friend list whenever you want to

We have hundreds, thousand of people as our Facebook friends and our news feeds inevitably becomes a mess. I stopped scrolling through my feed because after one minute of seeing irrelevant posts I was getting bored. Too many lunches and selfies. It just seemed like a waste of time. No matter how many interesting friends I had on there, I was still drowning in useless content. Luckily, I learned about this interesting feature that Facebook provides, the Facebook friend lists.

Chances are that Facebook already created friends lists for you based on different information that you provided. Your friends lists could include: friends from a specific location/city, friends from highschool, friends from your workplace, friends from your hometown, etc.

Even though these lists might have already been created by Facebook, you have full control to manage them by adding or deleting friends. You are also free to create new lists, to rename them, or to edit the radius in case the list is based on a location. These friends won't know that you added them to a list.

Now here is the interesting thing. When you click on a specific Friends list, you only see the content posted by the people in that list. This works great for people that have all sorts of different circles of friends. I tend to use this feature a lot, whenever I want to see updates from a specific group of friends. To give an example, having lived in Rio de Janeiro for the past year, I made lots of friends there and it is always interesting to me to see what they are up to lately. So, I just go on my Rio de Janeiro Friends list, and I can scroll through the content of my Brazilian friends.

Here is how to do it:

Go to the right bar of your news feed.

Go to the Explore section and click "See More".

Click on the Friend lists button.

From there, it all comes easy. You can see the lists that you currently have and you can click on any of it and enjoy the content of the people in that list. You can also edit the list to add or remove people from the list.

Also from there, before clicking on any list, you can select "Create new list" and start adding the people you want to group under a certain category.

Very few people know and use this feature, but, personally, I am a big fan of it, because it allows me to only see content from a specific group of friends instead of receiving information from all kinds of sources. That is fun too, and that is why I love the fact that I have options and I can play around with these features to see the content that I want to see at a certain moment.

Now these are 4 quick and easy ways in which you can Customise your Facebook News Feed to filter out some of the unwanted content. Do you have any other customisation tips? I'd love to hear about them in the comments below.

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